Methodical – A C# Interpreter for Unity

What is Methodical?

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Methodical is an interactive C# interpreter for Unity. It integrates Microsoft’s open-source compiler platform into Unity, enabling real-time in-editor scripting with full language support and autocomplete. The Methodical interpreter’s uses range widely, from testing methods to full editor automation and scene processing.

Methodical also comes with an expanded inspector pane. View and change all variables on an object, even if they are private, properties, or otherwise non-serialized. You can also view all functions on an object and call them from a handy UI.

  • Interactive C# Shell with 100% language support
  • Retrieve and operate over the current in-editor selection using the “selection” magic variable
  • Full variable support
  • Pop-out editor for advanced multi-line scripting
  • Call and test your class’s methods without writing a test script
  • Command history using the up and down arrow keys
  • Autocomplete
  • Extended inspector – Call any function, view and edit any variable

Microsoft’s compiler platform is not compatible with some assets on the asset store. Click here for more information.

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Methodical in action

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