Methodical - Command line interface for Unity

Methodical is a simple to use and convenient way to interact with your code. Methodical allows the user to retrieve variables and call methods on objects in the scene using a c#-like syntax in a simple command line window.


  • Simple retrieval of variables using a c# syntax
  • Call and test your class’s methods without writing a test script
  • Command memory using the up and down arrow keys
  • Support for static variables and methods!
  • Assignment using the “=” operator!


  • Methodical only works with single line statements by design. Because of this, code flow statements like if, else, etc. are not supported and will not likely be supported in future versions.
  • Methodical will break if moved. Install in the assets folder only and leave it there. Future versions will not have this limitation.

Known issues

  • Methodical fails gracefully in the event that user input has bad syntax or references nonexistent objects. That said, there are some edge cases left that will post errors to the debug console, particularly with mismatched types for dictionary, list, and array indexes. We are working hard to eliminate these errors, but in the meantime this shouldn’t affect normal operation significantly.