ABXY Games
Based in Tampa, Florida

Founding date:
November 6, 2014


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Like a one man band, but less cool - ABXY Games is a games studio comprised of Mark Wahnish and lots of caffeine



I started in game development with a gifted copy of Unreal Tournament 2004's level editor. I played video games from a very early age, and always thought of game creators as "others", a nebulous group of people with innate, magical skills I had no hope of understanding. The level editor changed all of that. For the first time, I understood that game development was something that people do, and more importantly, was something I could do! After that, I threw myself into just about every field of study used to make games. I started 2D art, and eventually branched out into 3D art, animation, and coding. I discovered the Unity game engine, and began making small, experimental games and editor extensions.

ABXY Games and Decommissioned

In 2014, I began selling editor extensions on the Unity Asset Store, which led to the formation of ABXY games (because even one man operations need a cool name). About that time, I began playing around with the idea of releasing a full game. In early 2015, I had my first experience with VR on a borrowed Oculus DK2. The graphics were crummy, the resolution was worse, it ran horribly, and I was in love. I badly wanted to make a game in VR. By late 2015, I had my first prototype of Decommissioned working on a DK2 and an Xbox 360 controller. In late 2016, I finished the first playable demo of the game, rebuilt for the HTC Vive. I'm now focused on building out gameplay with the intent to release.



Decommissioned movement tech demo YouTube


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